Developer Retention 🧲📌

In a platform, it is important to attract the participants (both consumers and producers). However, making them stay for a long time is crucial to success. In the case of a developer platform, it goes without saying that without retention, it is hard to build something that lasts forever. Developer Retention improves the following:

  1. Quality of production (apps)
  2. Trust
  3. Reliability
  4. Sense of Ownership
  5. Community

It can be improved by taking the following:

  1. Show them the investments - Developers tend to stay longer when they are clearly shown the investments that are made by the company - Forums, tools, blogs, training videos, new features, etc show that the company is investing in its developer ecosystem.

  2. Listening to your developers and getting back to them - This is one of the underrated aspects of Developer Retention. Good thing is that this ain’t hard. Forums and events should not be unidirectional. Valuable insights that we might miss from the provider perspective can be sourced. Acting on them and getting back to them strengthens the bond.

  3. Reward them - Over time, as the community starts to grow, you’ll notice that the community starts to produce and share knowledge. Make sure it is rewarded and recognized.