Developer Empathy ✨

I believe that Developer Empathy is the secret sauce for a great DevRel team. To know the challenges faced by developers is one thing. To understand them is totally another thing. To truly understand what a developer is going through, we just need to get in their shoes and see the situation. The revelations might even surprise us in doing so. Without empathy, in general, we only see (less than) half the picture.

It is very simple to establish Developer Empathy. I would recommend going through these questions along with your fellow DevRels which could advance your position in understanding the developers.

  1. Am I completely aware of the challenges that the developer/community is in?
  2. What are the pain points from their perspective and why?
  3. Am I being judgemental/opinionated in reviewing their asks? (If yes, try to make it a no)
  4. What is the best that I could do to make the situation better? (Even if it is small, it is fine)
  5. What are some instances where you (or your fellow members) identified a challenged by empathizing and solved(optional)?

Remember this, nothing keeps your developers happy than listening to them and getting back.