Importance of Developer Community

‘Community’ can be defined as - “A group of people who not only share common principles but also develop and share practices that help individuals in the group thrive”. To be able to build a successful product or a platform, community is important. To build a community we don’t need 1000 or even 100 people. 4-5 people with a common vision, desire to collaborate & to progress is all that we need. A developer community aims to bring together all developers in one place and facilitates collaboration. Forums are the platforms in which such collaboration and knowledge sharing happens.

In order to build a successful developer community, it is important to know the developers. Events, Community Meetups, Hackathons are a great way to understand the developers. A combination of that and support will be useful in building developer personas. Communities can be enabled via Forums. It is important to note that the mere existence of a forum doesn’t imply a community. It is only an enabler. A forum should facilitate communication. It is important to make sure that the developers can discover each other, talk & share their solutions. Providers of the forum should assist the developers and guide them from time-to-time. Members of the community should be incentivized and rewarded for their contributions. Above all, a community must be inclusive!


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