Time is important, it is the currency of life and the greatest gift that we all received. We have a plethora of metrics built around time that we tend to call ‘time-to-x’ - Time-to-market, time-to-fix, time-to-deploy to name a few. By now, it should’ve been obvious that if we were to borrow someone else’s time or grab someone’s attention, it is ephemeral. It is even more short-lived for developers who have to juggle multiple tasks.

If a product or platform can offer value to the developers in a really short time, it is a sure-shot sign of success. To establish a positive relationship with the partners/developers, reduce the time-to-value. This would involve analyzing the documentation, support, tools, sample apps, APIs, SDKs etc. to see if they satisfy the needs of developer persona.

If there is a way to cut down time and complexity, improve it. Make it better. It generates immense value in the long run and is a worthwhile investment.