100daysofdeveloperrelations 👋#100DaysOfDevRel - 100 Days of DevRel (Developer Relations). Exploring & documenting the DevRel journey. Developer Advocates/ Evangelists/ Community Peeps & DevRel folks - Contributions are welcome 🎉


  1. DevRel Tools and Resources - Collection of useful tools and resources for DevRel folks.
  2. Defining Developer Relations - Understanding what Developer Relations is all about, Why it exists and how to build it.
  3. Evangelism vs Advocacy - Difference between evangelism and advocacy - Developer Evangelist vs Developer Advocate.
  4. Developer Experience - What is developer experience (DX) and why does it matter ?
  5. Platform vs Product - How do platforms differ from product ?
  6. Time-To-Whatever - How quick can you let the developers do the stuff that they want to do ?
  7. Developer Personas - Tailoring our efforts and initiatives for each developer might be a challenge unless we have identified developer personas.
  8. Importance of Community - A developer community is crucial to the success of a platform. It is important to nurture the same.
  9. Guidelines - Guidelines should guide, not restrict.
  10. Where does the team sit? - DevRel can come under engineering, marketing, product or support.
  11. Developer Outreach - Developer Outreach is an important aspect to raise awareness, improve understanding and most importantly, build a relationship with the developers.